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Electrical Emergencies

Most of us take electricity in our homes or offices for granted, but suddenly losing power can cause serious disruptions. Faulty wiring and other problems can be even more hazardous and need to be dealt with as soon as possible. If you need an emergency electrician, call our team right away.

What is an electrical emergency?

Electrical emergencies are any unexpected outage or electric hazard that may be putting people or property at risk or causing serious disruptions. Our team are on hand 24/7 to respond to emergency callouts.

Electrical Installations

Installing a new appliance, lighting, heating or other electrical system in your home or office is a technical job that needs to be handled by a professional because of the serious safety hazards involved. Professional installation also ensures that everything will be wired up correctly, avoiding delays and callouts for repairs.

What installations require professional assistance?

Any task that involves wiring to mains electricity should be left to a licensed professional for your safety and that of others. This includes installing lighting, air conditioning, ceiling fans, media centres and power points.

Fault Detection

Most deaths by electrocution are due to electrical faults in the home. These can be prevented by having regular inspections or calling an electrician if you're concerned for your family's safety.

Our licensed electricians will inspect all connections for possible faults and fix any issues we find to prevent problems before they have a chance to strike.

Common problems in the home

However recently your electricity was installed, there may still be problems if the wiring was done poorly or if you've noticed a fault with power points or fluctuating power levels. We'll also check for earth leakages.

Lighting Solutions

Whether you're replacing old lighting to improve your home's energy efficiency and save on bills or bring more light into your rooms, the job needs to be handled by a professional for safety reasons and to avoid invalidating warranties.

Types of lighting installations

Our electricians can install all types of lighting in your residential or commercial building, including energy-saving LEDs, cabinet lighting, outdoor lighting and security lighting, along with hardware such as switches and dimmers.

Power Points

Do you need to add or upgrade power points in your home or commercial building? Lack of access to power is an increasing problem in a technology-driven world, especially if you're in an older property. Our electricians have plenty of experience installing power points for all needs and can help you choose the most convenient locations.

We'll give you the power

Whether you want to add new power points or your existing points are damaged or have stopped working, we can get you powered up in no time. We only use power points from trusted brands that won't let you down.

Surge Protection

With so many devices and appliances connected up on today's homes and offices, a power surge can cause expensive damage. That's why it's important to make sure surge protection is in place to protect electronics.

Two-tier protection

We recommend a two-tier approach to give maximum protection to your systems. This includes a surge protector at the mains and dedicated protection for individual appliances. Talk to our electrical experts to find out more.

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